About RadMania

Welcome to all that is rad!

Radman is a former Melbourne-based commercial lawyer, and now journalist, photographer and general boardsports Renaissance-Man. For several years Radman was Australia-New Zealand Snowboarder Magazine’s Senior Photographer and writer before he found a full-time role as Surfing Life Magazine’s Online Editor.

Focussing on snowboarding, surfing, photography, art, travel and the background machinations of  the snowboard and boardsports industries, RadMania will try to bring a snapshot of the crazy thoughts and unique experiences of Radman to your LCD screen.

And the nickname? Coined by a couple of Australian pro snowboarders in 2006, the name stuck…and so what better title for a blog than RadMania.

Contact Sean Radich: seanradich@hotmail.com

To see a selection of Radman’s published work, take a look at Sean Radich Media.