Japan Backcountry Snowboarding Photos – Hakuba and Nozawa Onsen


In early 2016 I was fortunate enough to tag along on a media snowboard trip with Olliepop films to Japan. I had been to Japan on holiday just a few weeks previously, and we experienced mostly low-tide and marginal conditions at the start of what was to be the worst snow season in Japan for many, many years. But luckily when I returned with Jeremy and the guys on the Olliepop Snorkel Squad trip, we well and truly scored some epic days: typical blower Japan pow and epic tree riding.

Yes, there were also some marginal days in there too – even with some rain – but from the photos I managed to take, it goes to show that with some luck, and making the most of conditions on offer, you can get some really nice shots.

Jeremy Richardson did a great job of hooking up the trip with the assistance of Liquid Snow Tours, and the “action-models/good mates” in Jeremy Burns, Tim Nelson and Liam Peter Ryan worked super hard to get the shots. Thanks, guys.

Below are the action photos I tookin the Hakuba valley, from the high-alpine above Happo-One and over the back at Cortina, and off piste at Nozawa Onsen. Enjoy … and I hope it inspires you to get some turns this summer/winter.

Click the photos to enlarge them in all their pixelly goodness!





Above: I’d never shot with fellow Falls Creek alumnus James “Singo” Singleton before, but he certainly knows how to shred! 



Above: Mat Galina always knows where to find the goods and works harder than anyone else I know to get the shots … including the epic photo at the top of this post from the back bowl above Happo-One.




Above: Jeremy Burns surfing the white waves of Happo-One on our way down to the carpark (and bus stop) at Hakuba 47.




Above: Liam Peter Ryan (“LPR”) finding some launching pads as we descended from Happo-One to Hakuba 47.

hakuba2016_timnelson_radich-3619 hakuba2016_timnelson_radich-3299 hakuba2016_timnelson_radich-3211

Above: Tim Nelson stylin’…

hotelvillahakuba2016_jeremyburns_radich-3577 hotelvillahakuba2016_liampryan_radich-3584

Above: Jeremy Burns and LPR found a side hit out the front of our hotel, and with a van tow-in, the boys gave me an opportunity to use my Elinchrom Ranger Quadra and Skyport flash set-up for the first time. To see more about the flash system, click here.

cortina2016_timnelson_radich-3317 cortina2016_jeremyburns_radich-3540 cortina2016_jeremyburns_radich-3349 cortina2016_timnelson_radich-3392 cortina2016_timnelson_radich-3451 cortina2016_jeremyburns_radich-3494

Above: We scored the first epic couple of days of the year at Cortina. Tim Nelson (red jacket) and Jeremy Burns (maroon jacket) got the goods.

nozawa2016_timnelson_radich-3826 nozawa2016_timnelson_radich-3924 nozawa2016_timnelson_radich-3858

Above: Nozawa Onsen is a pretty magical place, especially when fresh snow turns the trees all-white, and Tim Nelson made a mere 10-15 of fresh dust-on-crust look pretty epic.


Above: Another opportunity to use the Elincrhom Quadra and Skyport at a Bhuddist temple on the edge of Nozawa Onsen. Jeremy Richardson shifty.

And make sure you check out Olliepop Films feature from the trip here.


2 Responses to “Japan Backcountry Snowboarding Photos – Hakuba and Nozawa Onsen”

  1. 1 Marg
    Friday 6 January, 2017 at 3:43 PM

    Beautiful photos and words

  2. 2 Macca
    Friday 6 January, 2017 at 3:44 PM


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