3 thoughts on “RadichFallsMtrBogong17July”

  1. Hey man, those photos are pretty sick.

    I was wondering how you get your photos to look the way they do. Do you do all your stuff in camera or after in photoshop or something. The hotel photos look like a lomo lens or something.

    Well done, looking forward to seeing more.


    1. Hi Lanky,
      Thanks. Most of the effects are done simply in Adobe Lightroom – there are presets for colour/style settings and also for vignetting or even graduated filters, cropping, alignment and spot removal. You can do the same in Photoshop, but Lightroom is faster and simpler for basic photo things…and you can do them directly to RAW files before converting them to small (or large) jpegs.
      I’ve got a real camera (Canon 1DmkIIN) for my action shots, but pretty much all the rest are taken with a cheap $150 Sony Cybershot i bought 3 years ago. So the simple flash gives a good effect, and i can keep the camera in my pocket even when snowboarding…and takes sharp enough shots out the window or windscreen when i’m driving along (like this shot of Mt Bogong)! I might upgrade to a better pocket Canon or Panasonic (cheaper Leica) but i’m in no real rush yet.
      Its all about knowing your equipment, whatever that is, and having an effect or style (eg if it might be in black and white) in mind when you take the shot…but sometimes just playing around with a shot gives interesting results you would have never predicted too.
      Hope that helps.


      1. Thanks man, that is a big help, and thanks for the quick reply. I have seen one of my friends using Lightroom, but i haven’t had the chance to check it out yet. I will definitely do that soon. I ride up at Perisher and just want to make some of my shots pop a bit more.

        Thanks again


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